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May 13, 2013

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Plugging Into Real Worship – Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

April 28, 2013

Plugging Into Real Worship

In Plugging Into Real Worship, Pastor Andrew Logan explains the importance of regular worship. Many know that my experiences as of late stink quite frankly. I worked for a church daycare as a teen and loved that pastor, he was down to earth and treated everyone with respect. I remember going to a service in another church and learning that the pastor “welcomed” each new female member of his church in a very intimate way, as a teen I was horrified to learn that he’d slept with most everyone in the church over the age of 18. As an adult, I’ve sampled a few churches and they seem very high school cliquey. It’s a major turn-off.

The last time I went, my husband had been forced to work overtime for four weekends in a row and, at the time, we had one car making it hard for me to drive five miles to the church. After his four weeks of mandatory OT, we went to church. The pastor’s wife sat in front of us and whispered to her friends, “Oh, look, the sinners decided to show their faces today. I don’t know why they bothered.” This was followed by a round of giggles and stares. We never returned. I know I’m not the only person out there who is disillusioned with religion because of situations like this. Therefore, I read Plugging Into Real Worship guardedly because it seems to me that some of our religious leaders are not very Christian at all.

I immediately enjoyed Pastor Logan’s honest, straightforward nature. The writing style is friendly and engaging. It’s not overly long like so many non-fiction books I’ve read. The brevity keeps you reading. The subject matter is broken into “reasons” and each is clearly presented. “Reasons” include:

God Demands It
Worship Expresses Gratitude
Worship Prepares us for Sanctification
Worship Brings Compassion and Mercy
Worship Provides Protection and Victory
Worship Invites God to Meet With Us
Worship is a Heavenly Transaction
Worship Closes the Door to Sin and Iniquity
Worship Blesses Others Around You
Worship is the Way to a Fruitful Life
Worship Brings Healing and Deliverance
Worship Brings Ordination for Service

Passages from the Bible help demonstrate each point giving clear imagery into situations where disobeying God’s commands cost someone dearly and how worship saved them.

I was delighted to see that Pastor Logan included a section on things a pastor shouldn’t do. It’s short, but something that I think needs to be said. All in all, there are some good lessons to be learned from Plugging Into Real Worship, so don’t overlook this one.


Review of Plugging Into Real Worship

June 4, 2011

by Mihir Shah

Andrew Logan, Sr.’s Plugging into Real Worship is an intriguing and informative text delving into the principles of Christian worship. In crystal-clear fashion, Logan deftly goes through the benefits of obedience and the consequences of disobedience. Using numerous biblical stories to affirm his argument, Andrew Logan, Sr. describes worship as “an active demonstration of a heart connection with God, whereby one expresses deep adoration and reverence.”

In a world where individuals are increasingly uncertain, reluctant, and unsure of what relevance worship has in modern society, Plugging into Real Worship demonstrates the lasting transformation of basking in God’s spirituality. Meant for everyone, this treatise is for those who lack a complete understanding or view worship with nothing more than ambiguity, indifference, and tolerance.

Andrew Logan, Sr. draws on his twenty years of experience to compile a list of twelve reasons to worship. From expressing gratitude and sanctifying ourselves to closing the door to sin and paving the way to a fruitful life, worship results in mercy, compassion, protection, and victory. Plugging into Real Worship lays the foundation of a meaningful relationship with God. In the best or worst of times, entering into the act of worship yields a comfort, healing, peace, and security from communicating with the Creator.

The aspect of Plugging into Real Worship that readers will appreciate most is the use of biblical stories to convey the need to worship. The audience will enjoy stories ranging from Job’s unyielding worship to God’s role in helping King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah prevail victoriously against the invading Moabites, Ammonites, and the Edomites.

In the modern world, individuals have mastered the art of finding loopholes and rationalizations to disobey–and feel good about it. To make matters worse, many pastors and their ministries are raising their own status above God, and thus, preventing churchgoers from being blessed with true worship.

Ultimately, Andrew Logan, Sr.’s Plugging into Real Worship is a must read that provides invaluable insight into authentic worship and why worship is necessary. It has the power to inspire renewed belief in God and clarify the stance of indifferent individuals regarding worship.

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October 7, 2010

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Conectándose a la Adoración Verdadera

October 2, 2010

¿Cómo la gente en la biblia adoraba a su Creador? ¿Cómo Él respondió a ellos? Conectándose a la Adoración Verdadera contesta estas preguntas e identifica las ventajas que el Dios
amoroso da cuando Él responde. Descubran el poder de transformación de la adoración. Disponible en diciembre.

Andrew Logan, Pastor Principal del Centro de la Palabra y Adoración de Todas las Naciones

Plugging Into Real Worship has World-wide Impact

April 25, 2010

News update…Presence of God being rediscovered by readers in Australia, Dominica – West Indies, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Mauritius, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad, United Kingdom and USA. Many lives changed by the glory, power and Person of God.

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Reader Comment

December 31, 2008

I was blessed to read this. Good information. More people should do as the author encourages us to do. More churches need to WORSHIP God instead of singing AT Him.


Reader Comment

December 31, 2008

The book challenges us to truly worship. Very good for someone new to the faith or someone who wants to know what it means to “Worship”. Cool cover art!

By God’s Bass Man “Lee” (Bayside, TX USA)

Plugging Into Real Worship

December 24, 2008


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December 24, 2008

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