Welcome to Plugging Into Real Worship Blog

Welcome to my blog.  I look forward to reading your comments about my book, “Plugging Into Real Worship”.  Readers, please add your comments below.

For those who haven’t read it yet, get your copy today at



3 Responses to “Welcome to Plugging Into Real Worship Blog”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Add your comments below…Thanks!! the author

  2. Cindi Mutchler Says:

    Plugging Into Real Worship was put into my hands at a perfect time.
    G-d is so good! The true meaning of Worship is described in this
    book. If you would like to reach deeper into what He has for YOU,
    I would definitely recommend this book! G-d is moving His people
    into true worship with Him.

  3. Pastor Francis Bathula Says:

    After reading this book, I am blessed and came to know over what exactly real worship means and what the Lord Jesus requires from a believer. There are deeper insightful thoughts has been explained by the author by the inspiration of Holy Spirit, that touched me and changed my way of worship style with God.
    As a blessed person through this book, I believe its an indispensable book to read by every believer in relevant to compare the present contemporary music issues.

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